2020 Festival Cancellation

It is with much regret that the Trustees of The Church Stretton and South Shropshire Arts Festival have decided to cancel the 2020 Festival. After 53 continuous years, this is not only a huge disappointment for the Trustees and the Festival Committee, but also for all our volunteers, our audiences, our exhibitors and for the community as well.

The Festival, scheduled for late July into early August, may seem a long way away. Whilst we sincerely hope the nation will overcome most of the pandemic issues within a few months we, as a community, are faced with huge disturbances to daily life, new challenges and new ways emerging to help others. This is a community event, organised and run by a huge number of volunteers. During and at the end of this process volunteers may not be in a position to provide the support the Arts Festival requires and audiences may not have the confidence to gather in the same way as past years.

As well as these human issues, the Trustees have been actively and thoroughly considering other aspects such as the availability of venues, the potential irrecoverable expenses that will soon have to be made and also that we cannot reasonably expect support from, nor contact our supporters and sponsors for help in these difficult times. Based on the uncertainty that lies ahead it was felt a decision needed to be made now with the facts we currently have available to us.

In the coming months the Festival Committee will determine the point at which we can assimilate all the necessary information and so start to make decisions about the 2021 Arts Festival. At this time we have every intention to hold an Arts Festival if the desire is there from all parties involved.

On behalf of the Trustees and the wider Festival Committee, I would like to extend to you our sincere best wishes that you keep safe and well in these difficult times and that you endure through the disturbances and challenges that will impact our lives.

Alan Stockbridge