Very Grimm Brothers

 A joy to behold and a fitting start to both the barn and fringe.  Ledbury Fringe Festival

A wonderful, chatty, humorous and wistful evening courtesy of The Very Grimm Brothers AKA Adrian Mealing and John Denton. Adrian (on voice and personality) crafts the best words into the best order, while John (on guitar and long suffering non-personality) sets some of them to music.  Adrian has all the fun, but John’s deadpan foil is vital to a witty performance in which the VGB offer their unique take on vital matters, such as: That side gate; That sharp exit; The poetry of platforms; Peeping Toms; Seasonal adjustments; Undimmed love; Family and The spinning of gold from straw.

Here’s a little taster… (but you’ll have to imagine John on guitar!)…


Standing under a brolly
in the pouring rain
my lips are touching your lips
waiting for the train
my knees against your knees
belly up to belly
I hope the train is well delayed
this is better than the telly
embrace we in the thunderstorm
we damply intertwine
affection, lust and praying
for leaves on the line
Oh no, I hear a whistle
game over, train’s in sight
Senior Rail Card at the ready
as you board, we say, night night
write, you’ll write or txt at least
an email nice would be
just to know you got there
and you feel the same as me.

© Adrian Mealing

 Middle-class rap.  William Coleman

[Picture credits: Kate Pearce]