The Future of the Festival

Despite the problems of the past two years, the Arts Festival team managed to organise three outdoor events, six free Morning Concerts and three free Organ Recitals. The outdoor events were a first for the Arts Festival and despite the challenges we were blessed with good weather and large audiences. Every event was well attended and HMS Pinafore was a sellout as were some of the free events. The audiences really enjoyed themselves and it was so good to see the local community once again supporting the Festival.

However the programme this year was drastically reduced because of the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19. These uncertainties are unfortunately ongoing. In a usual year we would have already booked our performers for next year, planned an Arts Exhibition, signed up a guest artist and arranged workshops.

But for 2022 we are facing a number of concerns namely:

  • Our largest venue may not be available for all or any of the events
  • The numbers of year-round organisers on the Festival Team has dwindled with some key roles unfulfilled
  • Covid-19 is still with us and we do not know what may happen during the winter months

If you are reading this letter then we know you are a supporter of the Festival by being a member, an exhibitor or someone who signed up to say you want to hear from us about future events. So we are appealing to each and every one of you – we need your help now more than ever.

We have a wonderful community here and the volunteers we call on to assist us during the Festival period are amazing and we couldn’t do without them. However unless we can find more people who want to join our team and give up some of their time on a regular basis for this very worthwhile organisation, we may struggle to hold a Festival in 2022.

The Church Stretton Arts Festival began 55 years ago and has always had enormous support from our local community. We now need more people with fresh ideas to ensure that this amazing Festival continues to flourish in Church Stretton and in particular we need to fill the following roles: Hospitality Co-ordinator and Technical Co-ordinator. If you might be interested in joining us, please contact us by email in the first instance: . Rest assured we are a very friendly bunch and you will really enjoy being a part of our team!!